Taking care of the spine

pozvonochnikHardly be found in the human body, more important than the spine. He feels a huge load, when we walk, run, lift weights, even when just sitting! Not surprisingly, injuries and illnesses associated with the spine, so heavy and difficult to cure and rehabilitation.

However, in the sanatorium, "Berezovyj Gaj", we undertake the most complex cases. The emphasis in the treatment of the spine is on the hood, so-called "traction". This procedure is performed to reduce the nerve pinching vertebrae. This is a rather soft and comfortable method, which is ideal for those for whom the spine – is a sore point.

Traction is performed on a special table procedural “TRA Computer”. Removal of the musculo- tonic syndrome and compensation of nerve roots achieved through a session of dry traction, which are conducted by experienced doctors qualifications.

In our sanatorium treatment of intervertebral hernia is the most modern equipment, the use of new pharmaceutical development. In particular, uses a unique product "Karipain", introduced by electrophoresis, which proved to be excellent in trenia, but all the mechanisms responsible for pain.

Other resorts in Ukraine is carried out healing of the spine is not as effective as "Berezovyj Gaj". We want the healing in sanatoria benefited absolutely each of our patients. His health and wellness every day - that is our concern and a major challenge.

Many of the resorts of Ukraine healing of joints is carried out very efficiently. However, "Berezovyj Gaj" offers a special program, after which the patients for a long time to forget about what a pain in the joints or crunch. In addition, we have developed a special preventive course for the joints and spine, through which they long remain healthy and well functioning.