Mud therapy

tglMud therapy - for thermal effects on the body using a variety of therapeutic muds (peloids) and peloido-like substance (paraffin wax, mineral wax, naphthalene, clay).

Their common feature is the ability to continuously retain heat and slowly throughout the process to give his body to the patient, based on that of their high therapeutic activity. In addition to temperature effects, most coolants inherent chemical effect on the patient's body of inorganic salts, biologically active substances, etc.

Mud therapy - a treatment based on the use of mineral and mud and organic mud-like substances (clay, etc.), therapeutic effect which is due to the influence of temperature and mechanical factors, natural physical properties and chemical composition. The main type of treatment are peat applications. The composition of peat-mud contains more than 15 different trace elements (lead, iodine, copper, beryllium, etc.), organic acids, biologically active organic matter. The use of Ubiquity stimulates metabolism, promotes resorption foci of inflammation. Improving the nutrition of tissues, causing scarring softening, accelerates the process of bone union after fracture, reduces stiffness and increases range of motion in the joints, improves adrenal gland.

Paraffin-ozocerite treatment - due to its high melting point and low thermal conductivity, mineral wax is widely used in rehabilitation purposes in the form of external (application) for treating inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, low back pain, myositis, the effects of injuries) and the nervous system ( neuritis, radiculitis). Treats diseases of the joints and spine degenerative and inflammatory disorders in the acute or chronic stage, the consequences of damage to the musculoskeletal system, diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves, spinal cord, internal diseases, chronic and subacute inflammatory diseases of female genitalia, secondary infertility, cronical inflammatory diseases of the ear, nose and throat, skin diseases, diseases of the peripheral vessels of the extremities in the early stages, cronical thrombophlebitis.

Ozokerite (mineral wax) contains tsezerin, paraffin, mineral oils, asphaltenes, resins, gases, contains biologically active substances, which penetrate into the procedure, the body through intact skin.