Infrared sauna

infrakrasnayaInfrared saunas were first invented in Japan and quickly gained popularity due to its unique and beneficial effects on the human body. The work of the infrared sauna is based on the ability of infrared light to penetrate the human body and its warm inside. This is the same heat that you feel the fire from radiators or from the sun. It does not have any in common, either with UV or the X- rays and is safe for humans, so the procedure is in the infrared sauna is not limited in time, and you can enjoy its warmth as much as you like, read a book or just relax. Infrared saunas are simply necessary in modern life, they help to relax after a hard day's work, to throw off those extra pounds quickly, to bring the body of ,strong>toxins and wastes. Infrared sauna is essential in a complex sanatorium - spa treatment.