Chakra Stone Massage

chacraChakra Stone Massage - this massage is based on the basalt stones, emitting a pure, completely non- radiative energy. This ancient art of gentle hand, combined with a wonderful healthy properties of natural minerals. Contact chakra minerals that produce their own heat and energy to our body provides a state of complete relaxation and a sense of security.

Stone-therapy sessions have not only a relaxing effect, but also to regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduces muscle pain, strengthen the respiratory and immune systems of the body, helping to overcome the mental and physical overload, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, promote the general improvement and the improvement of living tone.

"Chakra Stone Massage" works with the energy flows of the body, stimulating those areas where positive energy is concentrated.

The effects of "Chakra Stone Massage"

Relaxation and a sense of security;
Stress and fatigue;
Restoring the balance of energy flows;
Excretion from the body of negative energy.