Professional healing

lkTaken seriously the issues of combining recreation and possible treatment in the Ukraine, it is important that the choice of a medical spa or resort based only on the recommendations of the individual doctor, who briefed on the state of your health. Only in this case treatment in Ukraine can bring real benefits to human health. If you still are considering treatment options in nursing homes, as well as looking for highly qualified medical staff, quality service maintenance without tedious transfers, comfortable accommodation, beautiful scenery and excellent food, all at a low price, the resort "Berezovyj Gaj" with joy opens up its doors all year round.

Each spa resort of Ukraine has its own specialization, that is, treating the body in a particular medical field. Sanatorium "Berezovyj Gaj" assists his patients in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine, joints, central vascular and peripheral nervous system. Also, a qualitative and reliable treatment in a sanatorium skin, gynecological diseases, and health problems associated with the rehabilitation process after injuries and operations on the joints.

Experts of sanatorium in accordance with the testimony of the doctors selected for each client's individual treatment profile, which has the necessary complex medical procedures, based on the disease. Many of the resorts of Ukraine treatment of joints produced with additional tonic treatments such as massage, baths and bath special treatment. All the resorts of Ukraine the prices of treatments which are available to all, in comparison with overseas resorts have hosted visitors from all over the world for more than one decade.

After all, even the classics were talking about that treatment in sanatoria of Ukraine has wonderful healing qualities. And if you are completely healthy, the rest in a sanatorium, "Berezovyj Gaj" will only benefit your health, that is, strengthen the immune system and helps to prevent possible diseases.