General nutrition

Nutrition - the guarantee of health
Health and performance of people, their life expectancy is largely dependent on how well they eat. Any deviation from the principles of good nutrition inevitably entails metabolic disorders, disorder of the various organs and systems.

Severe disturbances in the body leads the other extreme - overeating, excessive carbohydrates in the diet. If a person consumes more energy from food than it spends, he pays for it is not only a loss of harmony, but also atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, joint disease, diabetes - diseases that go hand in hand with obesity. Overeating - the most common mistake in the diet. It is no coincidence most of the population of economically developed countries in the world is overweight. Number of food intake - this is not the only factor affecting body weight.

Equally important is the diet. Scientists have found, for example, that boys and girls who do not regularly eat breakfast, eat only 2-3 times a day, and hastily and at different times, is much more likely to suffer from excessive body weight than their peers who do not break the diet.

First, there are regular and at least three or four, preferably five times a day (breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, lunch, second dinner).

Second, try to keep the food was varied. Be sure to include in the diet of fruits, milk, dairy products (yogurt, acidophilus milk, nonfat cottage cheese and cheese), lean meats and fish, vegetable oil, vegetable salads. These products contain substances necessary growing organism.
Third, limit, and if necessary, and do not eat sweets, cakes, biscuits, pasta, spices, stimulating the appetite.

Our feature!

Steam-convection oven - it is a symbol of progress in the food industry.
The main argument in favor of this furnace is the so-called "closed system". The essence of this innovation lies in the fact that the main camera in the process of cooking in any mode is not directly in contact with the external environment.

Any steam-convection oven, as opposed to the traditional ways of cooking, such as electric or gas stove, frying surface, and so on, will reduce energy costs.
The furnace is equipped with an automatic control system that can store in memory up to 250 recipes for dishes and more than 15 cooking modes. It provides a tremendous opportunity: it can be cooked, steam thoroughly, cook food in oil.

As a result of cooking with a sharp saturated steam is better preserved the shape of the product and minimizes the loss of valuable nutrients. Dishes have a beautiful appearance that contribute to digestion with maximum benefit to the human body.

We prepare meals in the steam-convection oven, so we have all the most delicious, freshest and most useful.