Cooking by steaming

Today it is fashionable desire to overcome the extra weight and premature aging, maintaining healthy and vigorous appearance.

One way to win this fight is eating food cooked by steaming.

Already much has been said about the benefits of such a power, but questions still remain. Some believe that steamed too much trouble, others - that this food is tasteless.

It's no secret that the food is cooked by steaming – the very diet.
So how tasty, fast, practical and useful way to cook food?

The use of steamed food

Food does not almost loose vitamins and minerals, its natural color and shape after steaming. Food is obtained by a beautiful, fragrant and delicious with skilful cooking. To be able to cook properly - it does not apply to any dish, whether steamed, pan or a microwave?
Why is steamed food entirely dietary and contains minimum of fat? Because for dishes cooked by the steam of cooking oil to use an additional charge. In these dishes is the maximum water-soluble minerals and vitamins (C, A).
Calories with a much lower thanks to the absence of high-calorie oil, which also forms during frying carcinogens harmful to the body.
Steam food - this is a great option for dreaming to lose weight without exhausting exercise. Eating a daily diet you do not feel hunger, but at the same time losing weight.

Taste of the steam cooking

This is probably the most important question, of interest to the majority - the question of the taste qualities of steam cooking.

Steamed food is obtained juicier than food cooked the traditional way. It also keeps the scent of fresh products and original taste. For such foods get used quickly.

Fast cooking by the steam

Thanks to modern kitchen appliances, namely microwave oven or double boiler, time to cook healthy and tasty food is spent very little.

In a double boiler or microwave oven can cook several foods at once, without thinking that the food may burn. This greatly saves time on cooking, and tastes of different dishes while cooking do not mix.

There is the easiest way to cook by the steam - a pot of water, which is located at the top sieve of a grid or a special steam-cooking food, tightly closed lid on top. This is useful for small amounts of food.

Now available modern technology and appliances, pressure cooker that allows you to quickly and inexpensively prepare wonderful dishes.

All the necessary products are laid out in a bowl filled with water and exposed the right time.

The practicality of cooking by the steam

The cooking process in the constant supervision is not needed. No need to constantly stir something, to turn - and the food is cooked evenly burn anything in a double boiler can not be. Do not use oil for cooking.

And unlike the oil used for frying, steam does not settle in the kitchen and does not produce oil stains on the furniture.

Features steam cooking

It should not be for steam cooking food too small to cut, you can get a result slimy homogeneous mass. Also for reducing the cooking time and ensure even exposure needed to pack a couple of products in the pan is not too tight.

There is a certain group of products that you can not cook in double boiler - it is overripe or slightly spoiled fruits and vegetables. They can be used in conventional cooking. And for steam cooking food must be in raw form solid and dense. It is a condition that ensures cooking with beautiful
colorful ingredients, rather than getting up in the shapeless fruit and vegetables.

The choice of a steamer

A good electric steamer costs in the area of 60-80 dollars.
Regular steamer-pot is also very convenient, and more practical, and vitamins in them will remain no worse than in the electric steamer.
What can I cook in steamer?

Cooking can be many things - burgers, vegetables, fish, potatoes. In the pan for cooking vegetables formed a very useful vegetable broth.

To whom indicates the steam food?

We can say that it is indicated to everybody - this is ideal nutrition, particularly at a time when even the latest fashion trends call to abandon diets, but also to look toned and slim. Here, the best alternative for weight loss is a steam cooking food. If you add to this diet at least exercise, your body will be fit and slim, which will in any age have their own style, look attractive and match fashion.

Steam food in particular is indicated to people suffering from problems with the stomach and intestines. This is the best diet, steam food with gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, gastritis,diseases of the cardiovascular system, where you need to lower blood cholesterol levels, eliminating fatty and spicy dishes.

Steam dishes

In the preparation of healthy food is widely used steam treatment. In the special pans to cook with the lattice can be steamed vegetables. This method ensures a much greater preservation of nutrients than conventional cooking in water. By the steam, you can also cook omelets and scrambled eggs, puddings, cereals, vegetable dishes, cheese and meat, with the addition of protein foams.

Puddings prepared with egg yolks, mashed with butter. Prepared in this way is connected to the mass of luxuriant vegetables, grated white breadcrumbs or porridge. There are many different combinations. At the end of the protein is added to a well-beaten, and seasonings to taste. Cooked mass is placed in the form of cakes or puddings or in a small saucepan with a tight lid arriving.

Closing the pan with a lid, put in a larger bowl of boiling water and allowed to stand 45-60 minutes. Serve pudding immediately after cooking filled the sauce or butter.

Puddings can be used for the second or dinner. In the diet is limited to the use of fats, can be cooked pudding without egg yolks and butter. Porridge, meat or vegetables combine with the whipped whites and steamed, as described above.

Apple Pudding, Steamed

For the sponge:
Wheat flour - 200 grams. butter - 125 grams.
baking dough - one teaspoon eggs - two pieces.
milk - three tablespoons
Butter - 50 grams.
Brown sugar - two tablespoons
Green apple great - one thing.
Method of preparation:
Oil the form of softened butter. We shall strew dark brown sugar. Remove from the core of the apple, peeled and we shall cut into slices. Lay out the slices of the bottom of the form.
Mix flour with baking powder dough. Margarine or butter whip with powdered sugar. Continuing whip, add one egg with one tablespoon of flour. Add the milk and remaining flour, knead the dough. In the shape of apples on top and smooth.
We cover the dough with parchment, and cook for a couple of 45 minutes. Serve hot.

Fish cutlets by the steam

Onions - 150 - 200 g Semolina - 2 tbsp. allspice - 4 - 5 peas fish fillets - 1 kg sugar - 1 tbsp.
Butter - 30 - 40 g
Salt - to taste
dill - 50 g greens
black pepper - to taste
Method of preparation:
To prepare the fish fillet cutlets is better to take 2-3 species of fish, a combination of fat and lean, such as cod and halibut, catfish and whiting, etc.
Peel the onions, cut into four parts. Fish fillets through a meat grinder together with the prepared onions. In cooked beef add semolina, sugar, black, and finely crushed allspice, salt and chopped fresh herbs. All thoroughly.
With wet hands to form patties from the mix, coat with butter (no breading) and putting in the steamer, hold it about 25 minutes.
At the request of steam ready to decorate cakes can be finely chopped eggs and parsley. Serve with vegetables.