In our spa you will be able to relieve your body of everyday foods.

It is not always what is beautiful in appearance - good and nutritious for the body!

We have a variety of dietary, we present you with the necessary diet:
№ 1, № 5, № 7, № 10, № 15 and № 8 and № 9.
We offer our guests a pre-customized menu from which to choose from the menu is determined by the next day. Staff dining room carefully and kind to each client.

Provides vitamin table, which will support the body vitamin balance (fresh vegetables and salads).

It also boasts its own spa-grade fragrant pastries. All dishes are prepared from natural products with excellent organoleptic qualities, and are in great demand.

Thanks to the upscale German equipment Kupersbusch our dishes are always 100% ready, excellent taste, meet all dietary tables.

Complex rehabilitation at the sanatorium "Berezovyj Gaj" program includes 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack (pastries and drinks his own production), dinner, second dinner (dairy products). The program provides for the selection of proper dietary nutrition, which can improve the health of each client.

You will enjoy!