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About health resort

terrThe jewel of the balneological resort of radon therapy of Ukraine is a resort Khmelnyk - health resort "Berezovyi gai". The area of the health resort includes also large territories of hardwood and softwood forest (pine, fir-tree, birch, oak), a forest lake. The foliage is a unique natural gift. There are herons, mallards not far from the waters, carps, crucian carps, perches, pikes in the rivers.

The resort climate is characterized by the abundance of sunlight, moderate temperatures, clean rather ionized air. The climate is moderately warm, without violent temperature fluctuations; spring is warm, summer is not hot, winter is not continuous, rather mild.

The nature and the climate have a favorable effect upon human organism, increases the efficiency of resort treatment and climate therapy. The balneological value of the resort is Radon.

Radon is a healing source from the entrails of the Earth. The most efficient radon therapy upon diseases of backbone, joints, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and gynaecological diseases as well as diseases related to metabolic disorder, rehabilitation after traumas.

The up-to-date equipment is used at the health resort and experienced specialists work with it. All treatment programs are based on the unique author methodology and new effective trends in patient treatment and health improvement.

The efficiency of treatment would be impossible without modern diagnostic basis. The examinations using computer data processing help to reveal the condition and functioning of an organism and to prescribe the efficient treatment program.

Besides the traditional treatment we also use the exclusive, alternative methods of health improvement, in particular immune system (cryosauna, infrared sauna, dry carbon oxygenic bathes, gas injections).

The essential part of health improvement is diverse, balanced rational and dietetic nutrition based on original receipts of national cuisine.

The accommodation of the resting people is executed individually or by families in standard rooms as well as in suite rooms (two rooms with fireplace hall).

Highly qualified specialists, modern original methods of treatment, good nutrition, service, comfort, home calm, care and generousness of personnel contribute to Your resting, treatment and health improvement.

Stay, resting and treatment at our health resort show good results, and the most important thing is stable and continuous effect of health improvement and organism condition.

That's why the customers are not only from Ukraine and Russian, but from CIS, Germany, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates.

We welcome You to the health resort "Berezovyi gai".

License of Ministry of Health of Ukraine AB No. 511617 of 30.12.2009.